Sunday, October 18, 2009

"G-OSC What's Up" Ubiquity command

So finally, I came up with an idea that is at least useful for myself. The idea for the command is simple, it displays the latest TODO list.

To use the command type: gosc-watsup


Although a top-level link for the list of TODO-lists was added to the wiki lately, I still find that one requires a big number of clicks before reaching the required TODO-list, which is usually the latest. It is very tiring specially for those that are lazy like myself and look at the list on Monday nights.. :).


The implementation of the command was a breeze, since Ubiquity made the very smart choice of including jQuery.. Being good in jQuery (although a bit rusty..) I finally managed to have the command running in about 20 minutes. The code is posted on the wiki.

Final thoughts

I would like to ask Dr. Fatma to stay consistent when writing the TODO sections so that my command continues to work. Two things should remain the same:

1- The title of the TODO section must remain: "To Do List" with the same casing.
2- The latest TODO must always be added to the bottom of the list.

My final thought is: I just love jQuery!! :-)

1 comment:

  1. Abdallah, I just saw this :) It is a great idea. I will try to be consistent insha allah. I know many people are doing different things for the to-do :) I am eager to try them all out :)